Wednesday, 19 January 2011

The young ones

Great 90 mins this afternoon with the latest intake of our internal graduate scheme. They've been given a 2 week corporate induction which looked a bit dull, so a pal of mine had intervened and lined up various 'real people' to lead sessions with some policy content and a bit of skills focus. I was winging it a bit, but pulled out some PESTLE, SWOT and 'drivers analysis' and the 'boss-approved method' of solving all problems. Handily a couple of them had some relevant knowledge of policies and economics, which saved me from too much talking. And they loved it - really engaged, really positive, really up for taking on new ideas and looking hard at how it might help.

What a fab surprise at 4pm, and how energising!

**Updated on Thurs - because I read an HBR article today on managing people in their 20s which made me think of this. Posting a hyperlink here so I don't lose it!

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