Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Ten things I'd like to do more (of)...

Inspired (as ever) by Sally, am making a renewed effort with ten things I'd like to do more, or to do more of. In no particular order

- going out for drinks with friends, and for drinks in new places
- looking really good - making an extra effort with hair, make-up, clothes etc
- National Trust and similar countryside outside London
- exercise - but not till February
- learning to cook new meals - really chuffed to have done Jamie Oliver indian-style steaks already this year, want to mix it up some more now
- see friends outside London - esp. Wales and Manchester
- crochet - get the big blanket ends sorted; something new, turn up to a stitch and bitch sesh
- house things, esp painting
- shopping at local butchers and maybe greengrocers too though not convinced by the quality
- talk to and seeing my family

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