About me

I’m a Mancunian and a Londoner, a proud ginge and a bit of a feminist. I work as a civil servant so you’ll not find much politics on this blog as I have to be studiedly impartial.

This blog is about my life outside work – mostly about what I’m reading, have read, want to read etc and maybe the odd little quote etc. There’ll be bits of other things too including progress on my various new year’s resolutions (to improve my worklife balance, see more of my mates and get going again with DIY and home stuff)

What am I interested in?

- I love politics – I’m a liberal in that I believe in letting people be different, and a democrat in that I really believe in democracy as the least-bad way to make decisions though I get really frustrated about people who don’t get involved, don’t get to get involved, or are disrespectful to the people they’re meant to serve. I’m not a perfect fit with any of our political parties but I really enjoy being part of the Westminster bubble, knowing some of the gossip and seeing some of the decisions as they are made.

- I love books. Badly. I got put onto a ’50 book challenge’ by a colleague a few years ago, and have done it obsessively since. The target is enough to prompt me to read a book rather than crappy free sheet and I’m really enjoying reading a lot for pleasure. I’ve joined a fab book group and have been to the Hay festival twice – looking forward to going again this year.

- I’m a school governor at a primary school in Brent. Have ever increasing respect for the skill and commitment of the head teacher and many of the staff; as our school improves I’m increasingly jealous of the kids, and the opportunities and learning that’s on offer to them.

- I go to see lots of films with my annual pass, but wouldn’t say I’ve got great taste or expertise (love the action films, less keen on romcoms). And my taste in music is not particularly sophisticated, despite the man’s efforts to reeducate me.