Sunday, 8 April 2012

World Book Night - getting ever closer

I found out a few weeks ago that I've been selected as a World Book Night giver - I'm going to get a box of copies of The Remains of the Day, which I'm planning to hand out at the school where I'm a governor. I'm really looking forward to it - though as it becomes more real, there's a bit of me that's starting to get apprehensive about how people will respond to me pressing a book on them... 

In the run-up, I've signed up to the World Book Night facebook page - and I'm not normally a fan of organisations/companies doing marketing via facebook. But for a tiny organisation, I think they're doing a great job - and I'm really enjoying their posts and links to other good stuff.  Some of the best things I've seen there include a silent film about how Slightly Foxed hardbacks are made and a set of April fool's inventions by famous novelists. They've also got all sorts of other things, from lists of coolest books, to books you'd want to pass on to the next generation, and high culture stuff about how Shakespeare's lines might have been pronounced when first staged to a couple of posts about beardy authors...

And I'm thinking about whether/how to mark World Book Night at work. We've got a fairly bookish group - and so we could probably get a few people together to read from their favourite books, but I'm wondering whether we should do something like Secret Santa, or games like trying to identify people from their favourite book, most recent book, etc etc.

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