Friday, 7 January 2011

Dorkiness in the evening

So I finished work on time (yay), went to Waterloo for coffee with Caz - a lovely treat and more importantly a chance to hand back her phone which I've had for more than a week. We've fixed a date for dinner next month and it feels good to be seeing each other more regularly. Funny that something as basic as her monthly teaching session gives us the structure we need to see each other and makes it a lot easier than when we have to pick up the phone and pluck a date from thin air.

This evening I raced through the last 50 pages or so of The Help, and since then I've been updating my LibraryThing - utter dorkiness, but so satisfying to go through a few hundred books and tag them with things that will help me find and remember them. And to realise I've been reading the Booker shortlist since 2005 which does make me ancient. Now about to upload some photos, then into the bath with book No.3 of the year...

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