Thursday, 20 January 2011

Books going on the 'to read' list

So last night in the pub, Patrick put me onto Easy Riders and Raging Bulls, the story of a bunch of Directors who grew up in different directions and created very different films.

Today, I got some training. In the classic mould of a senior civil servant, the bloke leading it was the kind of person who seems to have anecdotes, quotes, allusions etc tripping off his tongue. I'm thinking of following up on Trollope's 'Three Clerks' though I've not read any before, and thinking again about whether Watership Down is a political tale.

And then I've also had an email today from Waterstones, to tell me that Leopard has just been published, and to update me on my points balance. It was hotly tipped in a bunch of 2010 reviews, so I'm guessing this is the paperback.

I really mustn't buy any more books for a while - I've bought loads already this year and want to catch myself up. But I am about to 'teach' Jane how to browse a bookshop and so I'm preparing my lesson plan...

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