Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hay - things I'm going to need

So it's time to start packing for Hay. Apart from clothes, toothbrush and shampoo, I'm going to be taking:

1) Duvet and pillows - a duvet feels so luxurious on an airbed, and so much more fun than sleeping bags. Has anyone ever tried a double sleeping bag? I think I'd feel confined and too close to each other - plus I always need to be able to stick a foot out to cool down...

2) Wellies - my first week in Hay it rained torrentially all day every day. I'd taken trainers and a pair of sandals. Wellies and welly socks transformed me from a being-brave-Brit into snug-as-a-bug-bookworm.

3) Suncream galore - because I'm both ginger and hopeful!

4) Book money - although to be honest, in previous years I've got lots of ideas for books I want to read, but saved buying them until later. Also food money because I'm quite up for all the fancy local organic sourced blah blah blah - as well no doubt stopping by the curry shop and chip shop at some stage.

5) A bag of books to donate to Oxfam - they've got a special raffle going, and I'm wondering if this is the moment to finally commit to getting rid of some of the duplicate books that the Man and I brought together when we first moved in. Obviously it'll be his copies that go ;-)

6) Plastic wine glasses - who cares about other picnic stuff, as long as we can drink red wine from a plastic glass while looking out at the sunset with aforementioned bag of chips.

7) CDs for the car, because it's a long way to Wales.

8) Wind up radio - because even on hols I don't want to miss out on the Today programme.

9) Birthday presents for the man - it's his birthday while we're away, and so I've got to make sure we take presents not only from me, but also from our respective mums. Both of whom delegated purchasing and wrapping to me - but did at least write the gift tags in their own handwriting.

10) Chargers for phone and laptop - I love that all the cafes let you charge up, and that our camping field has an electric tent for hairdryers, straighteners (yes, really. Mostly for teenagers I think) and also for phones. How on earth did we cope in the olden days?

Anyone else off to Hay? What are you taking? What've I forgotten?


  1. A picnic rug so you can lie out on the lawn at the festival site with a book and a glass of Pimm's!

    (We used to camp, but got flooded too many years in a row, so we rent a house now.)

  2. P.S. The husband is contemplating camping at Hay again next year. Would you mind telling me which campsite you're using? It sounds much nicer than the places we used to stay!