Friday, 11 November 2011

Two for tea

This week's weekword is 'tea' - and it sparked two thoughts for me

Firstly - the lovely Orla Kiely designed fair trade tea dress from peopletree (not cheap, but move fast when there's a sale on and there's some lovely stuff...)

Orla Kiely Tea Dress

And secondly - what a regionalism 'tea' is. To me, it's my evening meal at home - also known as dinner if I'm being a bit formal and eating out, or supper if it's really late (or a second tea!!). Being brought up a Mancunian means that I eat my dinner at lunchtime (!), and a mid-afternoon cuppa and snack is a cup of tea, not 'tea'. What a source of discussion in my tipsy undergrad days...

Weekword this week came from the Gift Shed - follow the link to see some gorgeous photos and get a list of other participants.


  1. Ah, the regionalism of tea is a curious one. My partner's from Stoke, and even though we've been together ten years now I *still* get confused when he talks about tea, lunch or dinner and have to double check what he means!

    Thanks for taking part, I've added your blog to the list, and I hope you'll be taking part next week too :)

  2. Yes it is indeed funny how even a simple word like Tea can have different meanings depending on where you are from.

  3. To me, the meals are 'breakfast, lunch and dinner', with 'tea' being 'afternoon tea'. However, bizarrely, now I have children, I find myself using the word 'tea' in another context. When we all eat together, we have dinner. But on the nights that we eat a deux once the kids are in bed, the meal I make for the children is their 'tea'. No, I have no idea why.

    Oh, and nice dress!

  4. Tea dress! I hadn't thought of that!

    I think of 'tea' as 'afternoon tea', but mostly because it's an excuse to squeeze a whole extra meal into the day...

  5. Thanks everyone - nothing like 'what time do you eat tea' to get everyone's childhood and regionalism into discussion eh?

    Jeneveve - you'll see that the tea dress actually also has a tea print - cunning! I am going through a phase of really loving odd prints at the mo...