Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Ten books I've bought but not yet read

Here goes

  1. The Leopard - not my usual thing, but recommended by a book group friend who said it's stayed with her for weeks since she read it. 
  2. The Odd Women - bought because of an intriguing review, and because Darlene is about to start reading it.
  3. Perfect Lives - my book group choice for December.
  4. To the North - I've been looking for it for ages because I loved The Last September so much, and have read most of her other stuff. This review prompted me to look again, and I'm really looking forward to it. 
  5. Howards End is on the landing - I do enjoy books about reading, and Ex Libris is one of my favourites. I picked this up purely because of an amazon recommendation.
  6. Courtiers - Lucy Worsley presented a fantastic series of BBC4 programmes about the Regency, I really liked her style and her books have been well reviewed. I'm looking forward to this. 
  7. Decline and Fall - finally out in paperback, so now purchased and ready for reading. 
  8. The Enchanted April - every time I see this title, I want to start singing 'some enchaarnted eeevning'. I bought the book because of the lovely cover, and this review, think I might well save reading it until April.
  9. Life and Fate - I picked it up because it was so thoroughly trailed, dramatised and discussed all over Radio 4 earlier this autumn (and still available to download). I've not read any of the big Russian novels, so think this might be a place to start. This is one of the very few books that I've bought as a real book and also for the kindle (I did the same for Montaigne's Essais) so that I can read it easily while travelling as well as having a proper copy to read in bed and/or share with friends.
  10. A place of greater safety - about a month ago, amazon was selling kindle versions of a lot of Hilary Mantel books with a discount, so I bought several. I'd been put off when new versions were published with covers designed to match Wolf Hall (I HATE that, its like publishers think they can suck us in) but enjoyed The Giant, O'Brien so am looking forward to this. 

And to be honest, I've still not read several of the to-read books I blogged about in April - The Secret Life of Baba Segi's Wives needs to move back up my list, and I'm still dipping into Parting Shots without really making much progress.

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