Sunday, 27 March 2011

Weekend in the Fens

So I've not posted anything in a while - but have been plenty busy reading books (inc. Hillary Rodham Clinton's memoirs and The Leopard), and doing a variety of work-related stuff in what should be my spare time. I've been working late to sort out official correspondence, watching Thick of It and Yes Minister to distract myself from the gym and then spending the odd evening watching Secret World of Whitehall on the excellent BBC4.

And then this weekend we went to Cambridge. Just in time to see Oxford whip them all over the Thames (Isis and the Blue boat - come on). And to eat some fine food with some fab friends. And drink a little. Time to pull my socks up I think and get back with the programme.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! There's a Lord Peter Wimsey book set in the Fens if I recall correctly... must make a note to try to visit that area. I've only been to Cambridge once ages ago but stuck to the city centre.
    I love Yes Minister - always cheers me up - and still relevant today!

  2. Yes - I barely know Cambridge at all, but it does seem v pretty. If you like Yes Minister (and if you're ok with quite a LOT of pretty inventive swearing) you might want to try the Thick of It...