Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Ten different jobs I might like/do/have done

What would I do?

- I'd be a doctor - not quite sure what kind of doctor because I don't think I'd like too much gore, but not sure I'd fancy the breadth of being a GP either. I'd be good at it too (I think). It really is a shame I didn't do any science after the age of 16 - I wish I had listened to my dad on this one.

- I'd be a ballet dancer - or actually I would have been a ballet dancer. I loved it and miss it terribly except for shaking muscles and skinless toes. But it's such a beautiful discipline, so good for body and soul.

- I'd do corporate law - and if I'd not passed the civil service exams I probably would be a lawyer now. Arg. Quite glad I'm doing what I am doing.

- I might be a teacher. Every now and then I do think about retraining despite my nervousness about teenagers. If it wasn't for behaviour management I think I might be good at it; if it wasn't for having seen the hours my parents and friends put in I think I might enjoy it. If I was ok at it, I'm sure I'd have found it rewarding.

- I'd be a consultant - but I'd hope to be one who makes a real difference adding analysis, skills and capacity rather than simply reflecting back what clients have told me, or being a spare pare of (expensive) hands.

- I'd be a copper - I'd love to do this, at least in my own mental picture of what's involved. I'd hate dealing with bad people, and I'd not like the hours or the fitness tests or the chores. But I would like to know people in an area, to solve problems and help people, to be decent and human with victims and to help set boundaries for kids, teens and random others. I very much doubt real police work is at all like this.

- I'd work for the electoral commission, or better still something that reaches out to persuade people to take an interest in politics and to vote

- I'd be an academic, probably a historian and as I've grown up I've got more and more interested in the Olwen Hufton 'food in their bellies' approach to history. Less on the great men, more on understanding why and how people thought and acted as they did.

- I'd do VSO to strengthen governance in a developing country. I know that I'd miss the ease and luxury of middle-class life in London.

- I think I'd quite like to not have a proper job as such (I think - I wish!). If I could afford to stop work and be a full-time mum in due course, or if we were to win the lottery and be able to stop work then I'd love to sleep till all hours, and to be able to laze around and do all sorts of pleasurable leisurable things. But I'd also pick up all sorts of random local volunteering. I know loads of people who do loads of things already around work - including visiting an old lady, running a brownie pack etc - but I feel more like the Big Society tsar who thinks it's just not compatible with having a life!

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