Monday, 12 September 2011

50 books - and then some

This is my fourth year of a fifty-book challenge - and for reasons that are mysterious to me, I'm well ahead of the pace. Normally I've managed 50-55 books, including last year an emergency pride-saving push over Christmas.

This year, it's mid-September and I'm up to 68 already (not quite as many as the amazingly-speedy-and-apparently-all-round-successful Yvann, but I'm trying) . Not all of them are classy literary fiction, but then I've read a fair few 'good' books already and will be doing more later this year.

I've got a dinky little blog-gadget thing from LibraryThing which shows a selection - every now and then, I've come to the laptop ready to write a quick post or review, got a bit stuck and sat watching the thing refresh, waiting for inspiration to come. I've got plans to get back into posting properly again son - in the meantime a quick whip round three of the blog posts I've read and enjoyed recently:

  • CardiganGirlVerity spying on what other people are reading - essential tube activity and it is very true that Kindles make that harder
  • BookSnob back in the UK - I've loved her New York posts for how she enjoys the city (as well as her reading) and can't wait to go myself, to see the tourist must-ticks, but also to get off the beaten track and into real life.
  • LitLove read and loved the Hare with the Amber Eyes. If you've not read it yet and you like books, it's amaaazing and I can't recommend enough.

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  1. Yay! Good to see a post from you! Want to weekword with me this week? It's a good word...

    Sally x